Nutrients & Benefits

Nutrients & Benefits:

Tips for increasing servings:

Choose a Diet with Plenty of Veggies, Fruits (USDA-no date)
Action List for Fruits & Vegetables (NIH/NCI-no date)
Fun Ways to Eat More Fruit (Oklahoma State University-/01)
Appealing Fruit (Perth Diet Clinic-Australia-Jan./00)
5 to 10 A Day, Why? (5 to 10 A Day Campaign-/99)
Get Your 5-a-Day the Easy Way (Nutricise-no date)
The 5-a-day Approach to Healthy Eating (
Four or more a Day (Irish Dep’t of Health-no date)
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Food Guides & Pyramids

Fruit & Veggie Nutrient Calculators

Types & Facts

Seasonal Picks:

Cranberries (FoodFit-no date)
Apples (FoodFIT-Oct/01)
Value of Dietary Fiber Found In Figs (California Figs-no date)
Squash Games (Epicurious-no date)

The Straight Juice on Fruit Drinks (Colorado State University-Jul./97)
Check the “C” in Juices (Montana State University-no date)

The Facts on Citrus Fruits ( date)
Green Tomatoes (

Asparagus (The Good Web Guide-UK)
How to Love Beets (FoodFIT-no date)
Broccoli Branches Out (Colorado State University-Feb./00)
Portobello Mushrooms (What’s Cooking America?-no date)
Onions and parsley ( date)
Potatos Beauty More Than Skin Deep (Nutricise-no date)
Frieda’s (exotic fruits and veggies)
Storage, preparation & products

Selecting/Preparing/Using Fresh Fruits & Veggies (Oasis-no date)
Interesting Facts About Vegetables (State of Indiana-no date)
Virtual Kitchen (Dietitians of Canada-no date)
Fruit and Veggie Storing (Dep’t of Health-Ireland-no date)
Produce Fact Sheets (Foodland Ontario-no dates)
Grains & Fibre

Nutrients & Benefits:

More Good News for Grains (University of Illinois-May/99)
How Does Fibre Assist in Digestion (Nutrition Australia-Feb./99)
Incredible, Edible Fibre (Peel Health-no date)
Tips for increasing servings:

Action List for Whole Grains (Nat’l Cancer Institute-no date)
How to Increase Fibre in Your Diet ( date)
Tortilla Recipes (Tortilla Industry Association)
Books & Cookbooks

Stuck for recipes? These cookbooks feature healthier recipes with grains & other food guide foods.

Types & Facts:

Glorious Grains Guide (FoodFIT)
Guide to Grains (Vegetarian Resource Group)
Food Guide Pyramid: Breads, Cereals & Pastas (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Fibre Content of Foods (Dial-a-Dietitian)
Cutting Back on Fats –
The Good, The Bad and the Confusion of it all:
These links teach you how to decrease your intake of fats that may promote disease, and how to get healthy amounts of fats that may protect you from disease.

Tips for reducing fat:


Trimming the Canadian Diet (Dietitians of Canada-no date)
Fatty Foods, Sugary Foods (BBC Health-/00)
How to Develop a Daily Fat Budget (Hope Heart Institute-no date)
Action List for Fat (Nat’l Cancer Institute-no date)
Cholesterol (Cheshire Medical Center-Aug/01)
Choose a Diet Low in..Saturated Fat.. (Your Pediatrician-no date)
Lower Fat/Calorie Alternatives (NHLBI-no date)
Dealing with specific higher fat foods:

No Trans-Fats in Peanut Butter (USDA-Jun/01)
Families End the Margarine vs Butter Debate (NAMM-/Dec-/00)
Dressing Salads Lightly (Colorado State University-Aug./98)
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What are the different types of fats, and how do they affect my health?

Fat Substitutes:

Are you ready to reach for a fat-free snack? Do yourself a favour and learn a little about the pros and cons of these fat alternatives by reading some of the articles below:

Most Popular Fat-Reduced Products (Calorie Control Council-/00)
Fat Replacers In Your Diet (Andrews University-Spring/99)
Low Fat Dairy & Leaner Meats


Nurients & Benefits:

Yogurt: Diving For Cultured Pearls (CSPI-Sep/01)
Stand Tall with Dairy (Shape Up America-no date)
Types & Facts:

I Scream, You Scream and Ice Cream (
Non-Fat Dry Milk (Utah State University-Feb./91)
White Fluid Milk/Chocolate Milk (Dietitians of Canada-no date)
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Calcium Calculators

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Tell me about Osteoporosis

Leaner Meats & More Fish:

Lean Meat:

Lean Cuts of Meat (
Leaner Cuts of Meat (UC Davis-Jun./98)
The Role of Meat in a Balanced Diet (Food Communications Info..-Ireland-no date)
Deli Meats (Dietitians of Canada-no date)
Nutrition info-Venison, Buffalo, Ostrich,etc. (L.F.C-no date)
Lean Meat and Fish (McGill University-Updated Aug./00)
Fish Facts:

Facts about Fish: Don’t Miss It’s Benefits (The Physician and Sportsmedicine-Jan./97)
Fresh Fish Facts I (Advocate Health Care-no date)
Healthy Ways to Cook Fish (Allrecipes-no date)