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Health Central
Herb Research Foundation
International Health News
Natural Health Site

Studies on Use of Alternative Therapies (University of Pittsburgh)
Current CAM Research (Stanford University)
Research Reviews (Herb Research Foundation)
Journals Showing Bias in Reviews (CCMA-May/00)
CAM Nutrition 101

ABC’s of Complimentary Medicine in Conventional Practice (BMJ-/99)

General Info:

The Herbal Report (AZCentral.com-Updated Apr/00)
Eat Your Herbs Power Point Presentation for Purchase (FoodandHealth.com-/00)
Information on Herbs Lacking (InteliHealth-Nov/98)
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Herb Research Foundation listing & images
Health Central
Herb Med
Supplement Watch
University of Washington
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Specific Herbs:

Dandelions: Pesky Weed or Healthful Herb? (About.com-no date)
When to Use Echinacea (About.com-Dec/00)
Ginger: A Spice and a Medicine (Health Castle-no date)
Melatonin Supplements Influence Moods (OnHealth-Jun/99)
Usnea: A Lesser Known Antibacterial (About.com-Dec/00)
For Weight Loss:
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Herbal Body Wraps Fall Short of Promises (ACE-no date)
Herbal Stimulates As Weight Loss Aids (Lean Bodies-no date)
Natural Results – Our weight loss and weight management programs help you reach and maintain your desired weight. Our targeted nutritional products perfectly complement your body’s wondrous mechanism for growth, energy, repair and health-maintenance. Stay young looking, healthy, vivacious, and active with our skin & hair care products.
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Tell me more about dietary supplements & weight loss


General Info & Listings:

Treatment Options by Name (Dr. Koop-no date)
Therapies & Techniques (Ask Dr. Weil-no date)
Alternative Medicine Databases (Columbia University-no date)
Specific Therapies:

Acupuncture: Interview with R.D./Acupuncturist (About.com-no date)
Holistic Medicine (American Holistic Health Association-no date)
Homeopathy: Real Medicine or Empty Promises (U.S.FDA.-Dec/96)
Safety of CAM:

General Concerns :

Herbs: Does the FDA Approve? (Dr. Koop-Aug/00)
Taking Herbals. Tell Doctor Before Surgery (ASAHQ-/99)
Herbal Supplements: Let the Buyer Beware (Duke University-no date)
Warnings and Safety Information (FDA)

7.9 Million Center Will Study Popular Diet/Herbal Supplements (U. of Illinois-Oct/99)
Tips for Choosing/Purchasing CAM:

Guide to Analyzing Alternative Medicine (MochaSofa.ca-Sep/01)
A Guide to Choosing Medical Treatments (U.S.FDA-Updated Dec/99)
Patient’s Guide to Choosing Unconventional Therapies (CMAJ-/98)
Questions to Consider When Choosing CAM (Columbia U.-Updated Jun/97)
Advice on Buying and Using Natural Remedies (Health Castle-no date)
CAM for Diseases/Conditions:

General Info:

Healing Centers (WholeHealthMD-no date)
By Specific Disease/Condition:


Cancer Myths & Misconceptions about Treatment
A Message For Patients Seeking Alternative Treatments
(Quack Watch-Feb/01)
Q&A’s About CAM Cancer Treatments (NIH/NCI-Dec/00)
Complimentary Care Used by Clients with Cancer
(American Dietetic Association Practice Group-/00)
Benefits of Maitake, Shiitake & Reishi on Cancer (HealthCastle.com)
CAM Cancer Clinical Trials (NIH/OCCAM-Updated Feb/01)
Clinical Trials for Cancer Treatment (Columbia University-/97)
Office of Cancer Complementary/Alternative Medicine (NIH)
Herbal Remedy May Help Men with Prostate Cancer
(Health Central-Oct/00)
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Colds, Flu, Respiratory Infections:

Clinical Trial to Evaluate Echinacea Use in Children (Bastyr University)

Study: St. John’s Wort Not So Great for Depression (Dr. Koop-Apr 17/01)

Can Supplements Aid Diabetes Type II (Alternative Health Online-Oct/01)
Complimentary Treatments for Diabetes (Diabetes.com-Updated Sep/00)

Alternative Diet and Nutrition: How Can They Help? (OBGYN.net-no date)

Complimentary Therapies For Epilepsy (Epilepsy Ontario-/99)
Heart Disease/Stroke:

Natural Products for Lowering Cholesterol (About.com-no date)
Liver Diseases:

Hepatitis C Treatment Alternatives (The Body-May/00)

Natural Migraine Relief (About.com-Feb/01)

Natural Medicine for PMS (About.com-no date)
Agnus Cactus Effective in PMS (British Medical Journal-UK-/00)
Neurological Disorders:

Alternative Medicine in Neurological Disorders (NIH/OCCAM-no date)

Effectiveness of Ginko Biloba in Treating Tinnitus (British Medical Journal-UK-Jan/01)