Hemp seeds for a healthy life

Hemp seeds for a life of well-being

The popularity of hemp seed is growing day by day, exponentially. Despite this, many consumers are unaware of many aspects of hemp seed. In fact, responsible consumption of these low-THC foods has a number of positive effects on the body. In particular, thanks to the numerous studies conducted to better understand the benefits of cannabis, a great deal of interesting and in some cases completely unexpected data has emerged. Speaking of hemp, information is essential to avoid misunderstandings and prejudices.

Hemp and its seeds: what you need to know

The term hemp is used to refer to a cannabis sativa plant that only contains small amounts of THC, i.e. a high-growing plant species that is generally cultivated for industrial use, in the manufacture of products such as oils and ointments, as well as for making the fibers of textiles, buildings, paper, etc. There is also a precise method for obtaining hemp seeds. There is also a specific method for obtaining hemp oil, which involves pressing the seeds. The product releases pleasure hormones that help to relax the mind, reduce stress and provide a feeling of calm and peace to our bodies. The chemical components of cannabis, called cannabinoids, activate specific receptors located throughout the body to produce pharmacological effects, particularly on the central nervous and immune systems.

In 2013, a very interesting study was conducted at the University of Haifa in Israel, which found that the use of cannabinoids, following a traumatic experience, reduces recovery time, as treatment with these substances minimizes stress receptors in the basolateral tonsil (the core that receive most sensory information), as well as in the hippocampus (the area of the brain known as the emotional center).


For the first time in 2014, the School of Medicine at the University of Nottingham revealed that cannabinoids have a naturally relaxing effect on blood vessels, meaning that hemp can lower blood pressure and improve circulation. It also provides heart-healthy antioxidants that help prevent cardiovascular disease. Animal studies document that hemp treatments can prevent high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis and heart attacks.


When it comes to hemp seeds some clarifications are needed. To use the term ‘cannabis seeds’ is to speak in a broad and general way: in terms of primary nutritional benefits, it is the seeds obtained from the food hemp sativa that are the ones that are of most interest and are now peacefully known as superfoods. These foods really do offer numerous health benefits and are recommended to all those who wish to follow a balanced diet. Their Omega acid and protein content, specifically, is plant-based. The most accredited nutritionists claim that vegetable proteins are healthier and more easily assimilated by the body than those of animal origin. It is no coincidence that many farmers around the world have used hemp seeds to feed their livestock. In the field of bodybuilding, too, hemp seed powder is becoming increasingly popular, as much as that the sport’s leading exponents choose to start their day with a good dose of cannabis seeds before training.


Hemp seed diets are also aimed at people who wish to maintain a healthy weight. These small, spherical, deep green seeds provide a sense of satiety and are rich in vitamins (particularly vitamin E), minerals (including potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc), nutrients and protein.

Hemp seed diets are also aimed at people who want to maintain a healthy weight. T


A balanced intake of omega and fatty acids, necessarily from external sources as they are not produced by the body, is very easy with hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are a real concentrate of natural omega acids and contain more than chia seeds, walnuts and even flax seeds. One of the main reasons hemp seed consumption is recommended for heart health is that diets rich in omega acids reduce blood pressure and thus the risk of blood clots leading to stroke. Also, not to be overlooked are the benefits of arginine (which generates nitric oxide) found in cannabis seeds, a substance that is essential for relaxing and dilating blood vessels. Numerous medical studies conducted around the world have shown that cannabis seeds reduce the risk of heart attacks, as well as the onset of other cardiovascular diseases. Finally, it is now accepted that gamma-linoleic acid, which is present in hemp seeds, reduces proteins that can cause inflammation, particularly of the heart and those affecting cardiovascular tissue.

How can hemp seeds be introduced into the diet?

It is not that difficult, as the seeds can be eaten raw, directly from the sprouts and shelled or ground. Thanks to their delicate and pleasant taste, very similar to that of hazelnuts, they go well with various ingredients, not only sweet but also savory. It is generally not recommended to overcook or process them in order to keep their nutritional properties. However, cannabis seeds very often become tastier and more enjoyable when mixed with other products rather than consumed raw.

Many people like to make hemp drinks and teas that have no psychoactive effect. Simply roast the cannabis seeds, put them in boiling water and possibly add some spices to intensify the taste and smell. Alternatively, the seeds can be added to make delicate risottos, to dress up summer salads, to add a crunch to meat dishes and generally to prepare quick snacks that will delight guests during aperitifs and dinners at home. Hemp flour, made by grinding the seeds, is used to make delicious biscuits, muffins, cakes and even bread. The seeds are perfect in smoothies, for seasoning pasta dishes or making irresistible brownies to eat at the end of a meal or at breakfast. In short, thanks to the seeds, you can let your imagination run wild in the kitchen and you don’t need to be an expert chef, as there are many quick and easy recipes for everyone.

Where can you find hemp seeds?

The popularity of hemp seeds has been accompanied by an increasing proliferation of outlets where you can buy them. You have to be very careful because one retailer is not the same as another and there is a high risk of taking home products of poor quality. Consumers with little experience in the field of seeds may make the mistake of buying from unscrupulous retailers who offer goods and food of dubious origin and lacking certification. It is essential to shop only with reliable and experienced retailer online.



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