The Superfood of summer

Tasty, healthy and rich in nutrients, hemp seeds are the perfect food for the body and mind, they contain many precious nutrients but at the same time satisfy with a pleasant taste. Looking similar to small green balls, hemp seeds are a real cure-all and help you live better.

Their small size should not be misleading. In fact, these seeds conceal numerous benefits. Vegetarians, vegans or celiacs will be able to consume them without problems, since they are suitable for most diets. Here’s everything you need to know about this superfood.


Super allies of the body

Those who have already tried hemp seeds know how special these foods are. They are rich in proteins, so much so that they can be easily consumed as meat or fish substitutes for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet; they also contain many minerals such as copper, iron and magnesium which are useful for strengthening hair, nails and skin.

However, there is another aspect that makes hemp seed particularly interesting, namely the perfect balance between the intake of Omega 3 and 6. More specifically, Omega 3, are antioxidants that regulate cholesterol levels and unlike oils, the seeds do not contain too many omega 6 which, when consumed in excess, can cause inflammation. This stability between Omega 3 and 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids is rarely found in other foods.

How to taste hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds have a pleasant aroma, it is able to satisfy every taste, even the most difficult and sophisticated ones, they can be eaten raw, whole, chopped or with fruit. Those who prefer this type of combination affirm that the seeds are able to bring a note of crunchiness, but at the same time of softness to those particularly fibrous fruits and vegetables. The seeds can also be incorporated into milk and yogurt to add flavor, in many other situations they turn into an intense dressing: just sprinkle them on a salad, on a cake or even on a portion of lasagna.

The seeds are also found ground, therefore in the form of flour, which today is increasingly used for the preparation of numerous gluten-free desserts, biscuits and bread. There is also CBD oil, an absolutely vegetable product that is used as a tasty emulsion to accompany any kind of preparation. Also noteworthy is the good hemp milk, a valid alternative appreciated not only by vegans, but also by those who are lactose intolerant.

Snacks and delicious recipes for consuming hemp seeds

Hemp seeds, thanks to their high protein content, are the real summer superfood!

There are also a whole host of gourmet ideas to enjoy all the benefits of these little seeds.

The first simple and delicious solution is the drink. Just grind the hemp seeds and add them to the water to get a homemade vegetable drink in just a few minutes. The drink can be drunk as it is or added to smoothies.

Another idea to try is the ready-made hemp seed puree, with a delicately creamy consistency and which can be enjoyed cold on anything you like: bread, rusks, brioches and much more. Lactose-free, it is ideal for the intolerant and really lends itself to many food combinations.


Another snack that conquers and immediately restores energy, for example after sports or a long day at work, is the “hemp crunch” banana. The realization is easier than you can imagine and really within everyone’s reach, even those who have never cooked. Simply dip the banana directly into the hemp seeds for a super quick, delicious but above all healthy snack.

Many do not know that hemp seeds can also be consumed in soups, as well as to replace chips, savory biscuits and crackers during aperitifs: thanks to their green color they will make the moment of tasting even more inviting, arousing the curiosity of those who do not. has ever tried, they will thus become an interesting topic of discussion and no one will leave the table without having tasted them!

 Why consume hemp seeds?

Hemp seed-based recipes are aimed at all those who intend to follow a healthy lifestyle and who like to eat in a balanced way every day. Their insoluble content of dietary fiber makes them easily digestible, they strengthen the immune system and preserve the cell membranes of the nervous system. Furthermore, their composition in essential amino acids favors the production of proteins, useful for supporting the correct functions of the organism and cell renewal.

In summary this 100% vegetable superfood:

– helps build muscles

– has an anti-inflammatory effect, thanks to its content of fatty acids and more specifically Omega 3

– helps maintain the correct weight, as it is rich in proteins and fibers that give a feeling of satiety

– supports the digestive system, thanks to its fiber content, most of which are insoluble

– promotes rest: magnesium relaxes the nervous system and helps the body to produce sleep hormones

– supports the cardiovascular system, helping the body to lower blood pressure

– is good for the skin because it counteracts dryness


To all this we must add the excellent nutritional ratio: 31% protein, 30% fat, 3% carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

All that remains is to embrace a natural and completely healthy diet.

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