Healthy Eating

Top 4 Tips for Healthy Eating

It is the duty of every human being to look after their health, especially when the current health crises are only on a steep rise. People are perched on a precarious spot with their physical and mental health these days. We need to find ways to stay fit and healthy at all times. A healthy diet should contain the right amount of calories so that you balance the energy consumed and the energy used. You need to take a certain amount of nutrients by drinking and eating the best foods for your body.

Avoid processed foods and products that increase your weight. Choosing the best foods should be based more on their health impacts and not the taste. A wide range of natural products needs to be consumed in order to achieve a balanced diet. With the pandemic still taking its toll on the health of millions, the need for a good diet is being promoted more often. Let us look at a few tips for healthy eating.

1.      Take Higher Fibre Starchy Carbohydrates

Over a third of the food you consume should consist of starchy carbohydrates. This should include rice, bread, cereals, pasta, and potatoes. When taking these foods, try to take the higher fiber or wholegrain varieties. You are likely to feel full for a longer period by consuming such foods. Carbohydrates are often avoided by people thinking such foods are fattening, but they only contain fewer calories than fats. So, try to add at least one starchy food with all the meals.


2.      Fruits and Vegetables

These shouldn’t be foods that you need any introduction to. Everyone has been fed with the information, right from their childhood, that they need to take a lot of fruits and vegetables. At least 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetable need to be consumed every day. It doesn’t matter the form in which you wish to take it; go for anything ranging from fresh, juiced, or canned to frozen or dried.

3.      Eat Fish

The most common animal meats that people consume are abundant sources of protein. But nothing beats the positive health effects of fish. They contain proteins, vitamins, and minerals. You must try to take at least 2 portions of fish a week. Oily fishes contain omega-3 fats, which would help prevent heart diseases. Make sure you take both non-oily and oily fish for a great supply of all the essential nutrients.

4.      Cut Down on Saturated Fats

Foods such as butter, cakes, cream, biscuits, sausages, fatty cuts of meat, hard cheese, lard, and pies contain saturated fats, which must be cut down to a large extent in order to ensure good health. Men should have no more than 30g of saturated fat a day, while women should have no more than 20g of saturated fat a day. Refined sugar must be avoided as much as possible. Free sugars are most widely consumed through fizzy drinks, sweets, biscuits, and cakes. Switch to natural sweeteners to avoid the negative health impacts.

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