The seeds of health

The use of cannabis seeds in the kitchen is easier than you imagine and in addition to giving new nuances of flavor to your dishes, it brings countless benefits to your health. You can easily combine them with yogurt, salads and smoothies of all kinds to show love to your palate and your body in a complete natural way!

Intolerant people or those simply sensitive to gluten can also use the seeds to replace them for breadcrumbs in the preparation of cutlets based on meat or fish. And if you want to enjoy a healthy and nutritious drink, you can use them to make great hemp milk, just like you would make almond milk by adding chopped seeds to water. Thanks to their nutty taste, hemp seeds are an ideal ingredient for people who suffer from allergies to nuts and dried fruit.

The milk obtained in this way is a valid alternative to cow’s milk, because it is able to ensure a high nutritional intake and complete digestibility. Its advantages for the organism are manifold. Benefiting from its properties are the cardiovascular system, the immune system, the skin and the skeletal system, with an improvement in bone density in both adults and children thanks to the high intake of vitamin D.

These are just some of the possibilities offered by our seeds once they become part of your pantry. You can also use them to make different aperitifs than usual, to surprise your guests and in general to vary your diet every day. So let’s see some tasty and healthy ideas to make the most of their taste and their beneficial properties in the kitchen!


Cannabis in the kitchen and the seeds of health

There are so many recipes based on hemp seeds, some of which are really super fast and very original. Cannabis seeds are easy to use in combination with fruit and other seeds in the preparation of raw porridge, just chop them finely in coffee grinder and add them to the recipe. Added to soups, smoothies and side dishes, they are also a very rich and natural supplement of both proteins and vitamins. If you intend to cook them, try to do it at the lowest temperature possible, to avoid depleting their beneficial nutritional properties.


 A few recipes based on hemp seeds to surprise guests

Fans of vegetarian or vegan cuisine, but also all those who want to experiment with this extraordinary ingredient to create new recipes, can try their hand at numerous preparations such as green cream soup for a healthy dinner that is also respectful of the animal world. It is a very light plate and suitable for those who are attentive to the line.

For a breakfast full of energy, we cannot fail to suggest excellent pancakes with flour and hemp seeds, while to quench your thirst during the warmer months, there is nothing better than a refreshing drink based on water, hemp and cucumbers in infusion.

We must not forget that hemp flour is an excellent base for preparing energetic, proteinic and easily digestible breakfasts.

For those with a sweet tooth, but also attentive to the shape and health of their arteries, cannabis seed muffins are a pleasant snack to savor especially in the winter months, because when mixed with apples and cinnamon they become a real explosion of taste and health!

It’s almost time for lunch, or you are simply in the middle of the morning and want to take a break from your schedule. Why not listen to your stomach, which by now will certainly be asking you for some great avocado toast stuffed with hemp seeds? Easy to prepare, this quick snack will give you the right energy boost for the rest of the morning while also blocking the annoying sense of hunger.

Do you want to prepare a quick, simple and complete second course but are you short of ideas? Try a turmeric and cannabis seed omelette, rich in nutrition and also ideal for a family breakfast full of good taste.

Furthermore, to conclude a training session in the best possible way, we cannot fail to recommend a delicious and healthy berry and hemp seed smoothie so as to replenish the right dose of vitamins and proteins. This smoothie is a real concentrate of energy appreciated by many professional sportsmen who love to keep fit.

To quench your thirst in the afternoon, or to cope with the summer heat, you can try a good coffee smoothie to which you will add your beloved seeds to put a concentrate of energy and vitamins in your glass.

The cuisine based on cannabis seeds, however, does not end with first courses, main courses, breakfasts or smoothies. These precious fruits of the earth can also be used to prepare exquisite sauces such as mayonnaise or Tzatziki revisited in vegan version, as well as many condiments to spread. Alternatively, the seeds can be used to make mouthwatering and genuine mousses that are easy to make and draw from your pantry ingredients.

cannabis seeds

How to cook cannabis seeds?

In the vast majority of recipes, the seeds must be added to the other whole ingredients, but as you have just discovered it is also possible to grind them to obtain a flour rich in vitamins and above all proteins. A very popular seed derivative in kitchens where hemp is widely used is undoubtedly oil, to be added as a condiment to a large number of both hot and cold dishes.

In any case, it is very important that both the seeds and the oil are added to cold preparations, at most only slightly heated, so to speak they should absorb the heat of the other dishes without being cooked.

Cannabis seed oil, in particular, should not be heated at all because all its beneficial properties would be lost. Furthermore, its polyunsaturated fats can undergo dangerous chemical transformations and change into substances harmful to health if subjected to high thermal stress.

The speech changes slightly for the seeds, which can be cooked as long as the process takes place at a low temperature to preserve all their benefits and not disperse the substances responsible for the high nutritional intake.

Finally, talking about the conservation of the seeds, particular attention must be paid and some specific precautions must be used to ensure that their properties and nutritional characteristics remain intact for a long time. Your kitchen pantry will do just fine in this regard, as long as it manages to maintain a cool, dry climate inside, and as dark as possible.

In the summer you can keep your hemp seeds in the refrigerator, but in this case you should make sure not to place them on the back of the door, to avoid as much as possible the temperature changes due to frequent opening and closing of the door. Also pay particular attention to the packaging, which must always remain closed to ensure proper storage and to ensure long life of your cannabis seeds for food uses.

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